Bear Dog


Vital statistics

Kind Canine
Possibly prehistoric
Country North America
Nehanni Valley
First documented sighting
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Other names Bear Dog

Scientific information

Recognized by science? No
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The Waheela, sometimes referred to as a Bear Dog (though its true family is unknown) is a cryptid from North America, around Alaska[1] and Northern Canada. They are alleged to live in the mostly-unexplored Nehanni Valley.

It is commonly speculated to be either a relict Bear Dog (Amphicyon) or, somwhat less commonly, a Dire Wolf[2].

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

Waheela are fairly large and stocky animals. They have long white fur, and the overall appearance of a wolf on steroids, although their legs are shorter than a wolf's legs.



The Waheela appears in the legends of the native Americans living in the area Waheela are commonly seen in.

Photojournalist Tex Zeigler reportedly saw a Waheela on the tundra of Alaska[3].

Multiple sightings of Waheela have been described or mentioned, yet none can be dated or fully detailed at this time.

circa 1960'sEdit

Explorer Frank Graves described the Waheela as 3.5 feet high at the shoulders with a wide head and short legs, covered in a shaggy white coat. He saw it in the mid-1960s in the Nahanni Valley[4].

Notes and referencesEdit