Country reported: Indonesia

The veo is a cryptid reported from the island of Rintja in the Lesser Sunda Islands administered by Indonesia. It is descriped as a gigantic pangolin.[1][2]


Physically the veo is described as being 10 feet long, with a long head and overlapping scales covering most of its body, although fur grows on the head, throat, belly, inner legs, and tail. It stays in the hills in the day, but comes down to the coast to feed - primarily on termites and ants, but also on stranded shellfish - during the night. Its "hoo-hoo-hoo" call is heard in the evenings. When threatened, it will sit up vertically and strikes out with its claws.[1][2]


The Komodo dragon is known from Rintja, but locals readilly distinguish it from the veo.[1] Jaroslav Mares first suggested that the veo represents a surviving population of Manis paleojavanica, a 7-foot pangolin which lived in Java and Borneo.[3]

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