Missionary Thomas Bridges described "beavers" living in western Tierra del Fuego, 80 years before that animal was introduced to Patagonia.[1]



Whilst exploring Papua New Guinea in 1906, Charles Monckton (who also reported the Gazeka) came across the spoor of a fairly large carnivore:

"The tracks and excrement of a fair-sized carnivorous animal were also seen: the excrement consisted of masses of fur and hair, mixed with crushed and splintered bones; in one case a splinter of bone two inches long — of a large animal — was imbedded in the deposit. In another the complete, though disarticulated, skeleton of a large rat, unbroken except at one point, where it had apparently been bitten through the spine, had been passed in a mass of fur. The tracks varied in size from those of a foxhound to those of a terrier.

He believed the smaller tracks may have been made by the "wild dog" earlier reported by William MacGregor.[2]



A Kentucky, United States, woman living on a farm near Winchester claimed she saw her two young granddaughters feeding biscuits to a bear and ran out of the house so fast she "scared the bear so bad that it forgot to drop to all four [sic] and ran away on its hind legs".[3]



In Florida, United States, a woman driving through an area of swamp saw an animal running across the road which she said looked like a giant sloth, except it was running quickly. It galloped on all fours like a dog, but when it jumped the arms came up, and she saw that it was not a bear.[4]



In 2011 a man named Henry from Georgia, United States, claimed he:[3]

"caught sight of a large animal moving through the cypress trees of the swampy area that borders one of the fields I work. I live in Ware County, Georgia. I was working the field at the time and noticed the movement. It was late afternoon and still light out. The animal was huge, hairy and walked on all fours but I did see it rear up once. It reminded me of a black bear but much larger and lighter in color. I was about 200 yds. away from it but I still had a good look. I know for a fact that this was not a bear. I've seen black bears in the Okefenokee and this didn't look like one of those at all. I later saw a picture of an animal, a mapinguari, that is supposed to be a legend. I swear that is what I saw. Have you heard of this animal? I haven't seen it since but there have been a lot of cypress trees tore up lately and I'm wondering if it has been causing it. Some people have said for many years that there's a swamp beast in Ware County but I never paid it no mind until now."

Although he described the animal as resembling a ground sloth, he also speculated that the animal he saw may have been a sasquatch.

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