Country reported: United States

The Triassic kraken is a giant squid hypothesized by palaeontologist Mark McMenamin to have existed in the Triassic era, in Nevada, North America.

A large fossil site in Nevada contains various bones of Shonisaurus, very large icthyosaurs. Analysis reveals they died in deep water. The bones are arranged in a curious, unnatural pattern. In 2011, McMenamin and Dianna Schulte argued that the pattern of the bones was the work of a giant Triassic Kraken which was making a portrait of its own tentaces. Although the suggestion was met with hostility, it remains the only theory on the bones not to have been disproven.

McMenamin held another talk on the subject in 2013. This time, he used a recently found Triassic squid beak as evidence. He hypothesized that the animal, in life, was the size of a school bus.