Rainbow Tiger

Rainbow Jaguar

Rainbow Jaguar

Vital statistics

Kind Feline
Country Ecuador, South America
First documented sighting
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Other names Tshenkutshen
Rainbow Tiger

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The Rainbow Jaguar or Rainbow Tiger, also known as the Tshenkutshen, is a cryptid reported to Ecuador in South America.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The Rainbow Jaguar has the size and basic morphology of a regular jaguar, but with a few major deviations. Most noticeably, the cats chest is patterned with multicoloured stripes - red, yellow and white. Other odd features include hands that are remarkably simian-like, and a hump.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The Rainbow Jaguar is extremely aggressive, and arboreal. It can leap from tree to tree with ease[1].



The Rainbow Jaguar has a role in Ecuadorian legends, and is known to exist by the natives.

It has some similarities with the legendary Ahuizotl of Aztec myth. Both are large and aggressive catlike animals with simian hands[2].


A Rainbow Jaguar was shot and killed in 1959 by Policarpio Rivadeneira, a Macas settler, while walking through the rainforest of Cerro Kilamo. It leaped through the trees towards him, and, fearing for his life, the man shot it. Upon examining it, he discovered it to be a jaguar-sized animal, with a hump, rainbow-coloured chest, and monkey-like hands[3][4]. It is unknown what he did with the animal.

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