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Booger Bear
Country South America
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The Milne is a massive black bear reported from South America.

Similar cryptids include the Irkuimen, Booger Bear and MacFarlane's Bear. They may all be the same bear.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The Milne resembles a black bear, but much, much larger.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

The Milne is at least semi-aquatic. It is insectivorous, though it presumably also eats meat, due to its large size.



The most famous encounter was by the famed explorer Leonard Clark in 1946, while floating down the Ucayali River in eastern Peru. He first came across the animal's footprints in the riverbank, measuring 14 inches long and resembling those of a giant man.

The second day he found the source of the strange tracks – as they floated down the river, they passed a huge black bear, clawing apart a rotted tree infested with ants in order to get at the larva. As they passed, one on the crew members sharply slapped his paddle in the water, startling the bear so that leapt into the river and began to swim across.

As the rafts neared the bear, it turned and swam towards them, either because it was curious, angry, or wanted to crawl out of the river.

When the bear was within 3 feet of the raft, the crew leapt overboard, and knowing the animal would upset the craft, Leonard shot it with his pistol. Without his crew, unfortunately, Leonard could not drag the bear's carcass aboard before the piranhas started feeding on it, and was forced to abandon his specimen.