Malawi Terror Beast

Vital statistics

Kind Canine
Country Malawi, Africa
First documented sighting 2002
Latest documented sighting 2003
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Recognized by science? No
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The Malawi Terror Beast is a large and extremely savage hyena-like cryptid reported from Africa.

Physical appearance and biologyEdit

The Beast looked like a hyena, but was larger, and had longer rear legs.

Behaviour and traitsEdit

Extremely savage, the Beast would not eat much of its victims. After mauling them to death, it would crush their skulls and eat their intestines and genitals.



The first animal was responsible for the deaths of five people and the maiming of over 20. It was shot in 2002 by game rangers and para-military police. Wildlife officials identified the beast as a rabid hyena, though this was disputed by residents, who noted that hyenas have shorter hind limbs.

Some residents believed that the Terror Beast from the next year was the same animal that was slain by humans a year previous, and that it had come back to life to exact revenge.


The Terror Beast of the next year was far more brutal. It killed three people - two old women and one baby - crushing their skulls and eating their entrails and genitals. At least sixteen people were severely injured, with many losing limbs, eyes, and even their entire mouths.

The panic it induced was so severe that most of the residents fled their homes.