The following is a list of all bears in cryptozoology. Some may have their own page, others may only be mentioned here due to a shortage of information or classification.


  • Sightings of Arctodus, which is officially extinct, persist into modern times, especially around Alaska. These are difficult to classify - are the Booger Bears, God Bears, or do they deserve their own article?




  • A Giant Polar Bear was reported from Kodiak Island in 1943. Clara Helgason gave a descriptionof a bear her father had shot when she was a girl. The creature was large, off-white, and had hair covering its paws. It may have just been a vagrant polar bear, or an albino Kodiak, but the hairy feet suggest something other than a normal Kodiak brown bear.


  • Grizzly Adams

    Grizzly Adams.

    The Hedgehog Bear is a bear that "Grizzly" Adams claimed to have seen. It was a small bear, covered in spines. It was most likely a joke.
  • Biologist Bill Sykes claims that the Yeti is actually a relict polar bear surviving in the Himalayas, a Himalayan Polar Bear.


  • The MacFarlane's Bear was a large bear shot in North America. It has not been conclusively identified, and is considered by some to be extinct.
  • The Milne is a very large black bear native to South America. It was famously seen by explorer Leonard Clark in 1946.


  • The Nandi Bear is known by many names, and is native to Africa. Most theories claim that it is not a bear at all - common explanations include surviving chalicotheres and giant baboons.