Country reported: South Africa

The khodumodumo was a cryptid reported from South Africa in around the 1930's. With a name said to mean "gaping-mouthed bush monster", it was described as a nocturnal animal which silently broke into livestock pens to kill sheep, goats, and calves. It was capable of climbing or jumping over 6-foot fences with prey in its jaws, and left circular tracks with 2-inch claw-marks. Numerous attacks were made on kraals in the Graaff-Reinet area, Eastern Cape, and a posse of more than 100 settlers failed to find the animal.[1] Bernard Heuvelmans equates it with the Nandi bear.[2]

Nobody ever saw the monster, and there were several theories at the time as to its identities. Some believed it was a "freak" hyena, although hyenas drag their prey, cannot leap 6-foot-fences, and, according to Captain William Hichens, moan before a kill and shriek like a demon afterwards. Lions and leopards do leap fences, but Hichens wrote that they grunt during kills and roar afterwards, and often roar in an attempt to stampede their prey.[3]

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