Vital statistics

Kind Feline
Country South America
First documented sighting
Latest documented sighting
Other names Mutant Jaguar

Scientific information

Recognized by science? Yes (by Juan Acavar)
Proposed species name Smilodon fatalis
Smilodon populator
Major investigators Juan Acavar

Popular Culture

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"Juan Acavar's Smilodon" or "Mutant Jaguar" was a large jaguar like cat shot in South America in 1975[1].

After being shot and killed, it was examined by qualified zoologist Juan Acavar, who determined it to be a living species of Smilodon. However, to stop paranoia, he stuck with the jaguar identification.

More recently, there has been speculation that the animal was actually Thylacosmilus. However, Thylacosmilus looked signicantly different.

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